Those Things What Happen When You Sleep



Only snatches here because I woke up quite a lot (my room is getting cold at night)

- There’s a murder mystery going on. This group of policemen are running around trying to find a serial killer. But I’ve sort of missed the exciting part :/ because all I can remember is they caught the guy and were carting him away (in…a small white mini-van? / ice cream truck? I’m not entirely sure). The three detectives were played by Jim Sturgess (the young, rookie), Carlos Alazraqui and one other guy I can’t remember (the more seasoned cops). Sturgess was still upset about something involving the case so he ran off in a huff, despite the fact the murderer was caught.

Then I’m there, instead of just watching, and the third guy asks me where Sturgess has gone off to. I tell him “down to the canal.” Third Guy looks terribly alarmed, and runs off to get Sturgess b/c he’s sure he’s going to jump in.

-And then there was a bit about a horse…pulling down banners for some race because his horse buddy had died.